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Nursery & Landscape

Mission Statement

MNLA is a nonprofit organization, whose objective is to advance in the broadest sense the interest of the nurserymen of Mississippi; to aid and contribute to the education of its members and the general public; to provide better methods of growing and distribution of horticultural products; to provide a central headquarters to promote better personal relationships of its members; and to inform the members of legislative activity, state and national, which would affect the industry.

Thank you to our 2023 Membership Meeting Sponsors!

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Shady Pond Tree Farm is searching for a moderately large greenhouse operator to propagate and sell
Leighton Green-Gernon.

Shady Pond.jpg

Click above for Leighton Green-Gernon article

2022 NPY Mrs. Linda & MNLA Exec. Board.jpg

Mrs. Linda Owen Pruitt
MNLA 2022 Nursery Person
Of The Year


To see more photos and read about Linda's career, written by her husband, Charles Pruitt, Click below

Scholarship Drawing Winners

Rhonda Rivers Blacvkstone Package Winner.jpg

Rhonda Rivers - Winner of the Blackstone Package

Martha Hill Stihl Package Winner.jpg

Martha Hill - Winner of the
STIHL Equipment Package

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