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Member Spotlight



                                      Vesely’s Nursery was started by                                                                          Frances Vesely 47 years ago. Mrs. Vesely started growing                                                                       monkey grass in #10 cans she got from the lunch room.

                                                           What started out as her backyard hobby led to an order from                                                             Gibson's  Discount Center in Hattiesburg which was the                                                                         beginning of  Vesely’s Nursery, located at 451 North Black                                                                     Creek Road in Sumrall, Mississippi. Teresa, Frances’                                                                                 daughter, started working at the family business with her                                                                   mother in 1979 and has been working  there ever since. Sadly in March of 2022 Mrs. Frances passed away. However, her legacy continues with Teresa faithfully growing the gorgeous plants that bring so much happiness and joy to people, as well as a scholarship awarded to a Jones College Horticulture student each year.

Vesely’s customers are very important to them. They are not only customers, but are considered good friends. Vesely’s motto is “Where personal attention makes a difference”.  Teresa’s goal is to continue to make people want to come to Vesely’s. We know that Mrs. Frances would be so very proud! If you are near Sumrall - go to Vesely's, if you are not - make a trip to Vesely's. Check out the giant Bougainvillea, like I did!

451 N Black Creek Road Sumrall, call (601) 264-9518, or click below to visit their facebook page.

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